Task Description

In this section, we describe how FOXY can be used to create a simple mobile version of the popular GMX free e-mail service web site (i.e., http://www.gmx.com). The aim was to extract some content from the site that was of interest for mobile access. Figure 3.1 shows the original web page. In this figure, the parts that are interesting are marked with enclosing rectangles. These include three menus (products, themes and shopping - on the left side of the page) and the login form of the mail service.

Figure 3.1: The original version of the GMX web site (http://www.gmx.com)
Image gmx_original

When requesting this page with a common desktop-browser, only the chosen menus and the login-form should be displayed to the mobile user (presented in an HTML-table), so one does not have to deal with all the news- and advertising-content of the original page. When accessed by a WAP-enabled mobile phone, however, only the site's login form should be delivered to the mobile user.

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