The transformation process starts by first manually inspecting the HTML code of the desired web page. Figure 3.2 depicts part of the HTML source code of the GMX web page that is of interest. Note that the menu content (i.e., ''Produkte'' - the german translation of ''product'') is enclosed by HTML list elements (i.e., <li>), each with a unique class attribute that specifies the style of the menu. The login form is implemented using HTML form elements (i.e., <form>). After the elements and patterns in the HTML source code have been identified, HTTP-request patterns can be created and fed into FOXY to initiate the transformation and adaptation action whenever the web page is requested by a specific type of user-agent.

Figure 3.2: The HTML source code of the GMX page to be adapted
<li class=''product''><a ...
... id=''gmx_id'' ... />

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